Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about hiring a Personal Chef:


Are you a Personal Chef or a Private Chef? What's the difference?

     Chef GaNeane is a PERSONAL Chef. A Private Chef is a Chef that works for a single person or family, and they usually live in the home, cooking all of the daily meals. A PERSONAL Chef has several Clients that they cook for, preparing several meals at once, to be eaten whenever you choose. As your Personal Chef, I will create a personalized Menu based on your dietary preferences, needs, and health goals. 


Where is the food prepared? 

     All meals are freshly prepared in your very own kitchen. On each Cook Date I will bring all of the fresh ingredients needed, along with our own pots, pans and utensils. The best part? Your house will smell divine and you won't have any dirty dishes to clean!


So, are you going to be in my kitchen ALL DAY?

     Well, it depends! I will be cooking amazing side and main dishes, entirely from scratch.....and it may take several hours, depending on your menu for the week. I will work with you to determine the best possible day and time for your Cook Date. 


Can I help you chop veggies or sit and watch you?

     This is YOUR home and I would never tell you where you can be in your own home! That being said, it is important for me to be able to focus on the task at hand. This ensures that all safety and food handling procedures are followed, and nothing is forgotten or omitted during food preparation. I often get "into the zone" so I may not be truly giving you my attention. If you have concerns you would like to address I am happy to schedule a little extra time before or after service to discuss them. 


How do I know what is what? Will my food be frozen?

     Each dish will be placed in either the refrigerator or freezer, depending on your preferences. Each dish will also be labeled with the dish name and date. Frozen items should be thawed in the refrigerator before reheating.  Instructions and a complete list of dishes will be provided at each Service. 


Do I need to do anything to my Kitchen before you get there?

     The Kitchen must be clean and ready for me to get to work! At your first Service I will spend a little time familiarizing myself with where things are. Additionally, please have enough freezer and/or refrigerator space to store your dishes. The Containers that I will purchase for you are high-quality, and of a uniform size for efficient and space-saving storage. 


Will I know what you are cooking ahead of time? Can I request extra servings of a particular dish?

     Absolutely! Each week I will submit a Menu along with my invoice for the following week. This is your opportunity to review what I have planned for you and make any changes that are necessary. I prepare each Menu based on the information gathered during our initial Consultation. As we continue, I will fine tune my Menu selections as I learn better what you like to eat. 


     Additional servings are available, upon request, for an additional fee. Simply contact me after you receive your Menu for the week and I will update the invoice. 


What is the Value of a Personal Chef?

    Most people are really busy these days. Work, school, errands. These all require TIME. Time that you can't get back. As a result, we spend less time interacting with our loved ones at the dinner table, and more time in the drive-through lane. Having professionally prepared, delicious meals to serve each night, helps you reclaim your time, reconnect with the ones who most matter and helps you to refuel your body. 


     There are many components that make up Personal Chef service: each Client is personally assessed to determine not just what they want to eat, but also how you eat, and any dietary needs, assessments, allergies and/or restrictions. This process is the best part of a Personal Chef service because every meal is designed with your needs in mind, unlike at a restaurant or fast food joint. All menu selections are personally prepared for you and your family in mind. Additionally, I do all of the grocery shopping, as well the cooking, packaging, labeling and storing your entrees. This is a COMPLETE service and well worth the cost. 


How often do you come? How do I pay? What if I go on vacation or need to cancel?

     I offer weekly and biweekly services, with a minimum of 3 meals, 2 servings each. Payments can be made before Service online, via PayPal or, if you prefer, you may leave me a check for the following week at each Service. There is never a required amount of services, so vacations are easy! Just let me know that you will not be needing Service that week. 


     I know that life happens. If you need to cancel your service, please just send me an email at fitfemmefoodie@gmail.com and let me know. 


CANCELLATION POLICY: Invoices are due upon receipt. Services must be canceled a minimum of 48 hours before the day of Service. Cancellations after 48 hours will be charged the full Service. 


Great! So, how do I sign up?

     Head on over to the Contact Page and send me an email! We will set up up your FREE Personal Consultation. I look forward to serving you!



















Still have questions? Please Contact Me directly and I will be happy to answer them!